The sweetOTC product technology lab

Your partner for innovative product and process development.

In order to create innovative OTC and cannabis products, our product technology lab specializes in the development of new and the optimization of existing depositing processes as well as the associated technology.

From the idea to series production

Our customers have servo-electronically controlled lab depositors and many other technical components at their disposal to develop an optimal product design and a coordinated production process accompanied by our experts. Together we work out the recipe, the shape, the aroma, the flavour as well as their combination with active effective ingredients. Combination with active ingredients.

From the first idea via development of suitable depositing processes to sample production, new, actively effective confectionery is created in our product technology lab. Later, customers can manufacture these products on a large scale using production plants we have developed.

Know how it's done

In our workshops and training courses, we thoroughly provide our customers with the necessary specialist knowledge to enable them to produce OTC products and supplements on their own.
A balanced ratio of theory and practice guarantees a successful start of production.