With a variety of products and flavours

open to new paths and markets.

OTC sweets, cannabis products and over-the-counter medicines do not have to be boring. Quite the contrary: Together with us, you create new, exciting and trendy products that are up to date. As one of the leading international manufacturers of confectionery plants, our machinery program covers the entire spectrum of deposited confectionery with a wide variety of applications and capacities. We´ll make it together!

OTC sweets and supplements made of chocolate, jelly, hard candy or fondant & toffee - there are no limits to your product ideas!

"Chocolate bars for an active vitamin intake?
"A gummy bear for headaches?
What is your idea? Just talk to us.”

André Weins, Area Sales Manager

Mass and product variety
with 2D und 3D moulds

Pectin Agar-agar
Carrageen Sugar foam
Fatty masses Fondant and toffee
Hard candy with sugar Hard candy without sugar
Solid products (Mono technology) Multi-layer or multi-coloured products (e.g. Starlight)
Filled products (One-Shot or Triple-Shot technology) Starlight with filling
Sunlight Centre-by-Centre
Spin-Shot (rotary nozzle) Products with additives