Production plants for starch technology

Tried-and-trusted – well-engineered – economical

Moulding processes in starch with mogul plants are of great importance due to their highly flexible use. New product geometries can be implemented easily and cost efficiently by simply changing the stamp. Many products require drying time in the mould starch to develop the right texture. This includes products that crystallise specifically due to moisture removal in the mould starch, such as toffee and liqueur pralines.

1. Tray filling

2. Scraping

3. Stamping

4. Depositing

5. Starch sprinkling

6. Tray turning

7. Post-treatment and starch conditioning

Qualified laboratory depositor with starch

For product development and manufacturing on laboratory scale.


  • Ideal for the product development of dietary supplements
  • Products with active ingredients
  • High hygiene standard
  • Manufacturing of products for clinical trials
  • Qualified and compliant with GMP regulations
  • Processing of all types of pourable and tearable masses
  • Depositing into various mould types
  • Different masses in one depositing process
  • Manufacturing of filled products
  • Depositor system made of stainless steel

Qualification & design

Safe and qualified target achievement.

  • Joint risk assessment (FMEA)
  • Risks are minimised thanks to smart design on the basis of individual needs
  • Preparation and coordination of the qualification documents

Product development

Innovative OTC sweets with active ingredients. Successful in the market for dietary supplements and over-the-counter medicines with trendy, tasty and actively effective OTC sweets.

  • Choice of recipes and ingredients
  • Product development/Proof of Concept
  • Specification of important process parameters for the large-scale plant


Produce successfully with the right plants.

  • sweetOTC: 360° solution partner
  • Everything from a single source: Conception, design, implementation and training!
  • Listening to you, serving tomorrow!


The sweetOTC technology lab – your partner for innovative product and process development.

  • Checking of masses for dosing and tear-off ability
  • Confirmation of precise dosing weights
  • Extensive conditioning and demoulding trials


The ConfecECO in a configuration as a mini mogul plant has a modular design and is the optimum entry-level plant for series production.


  • GMP-compliant
  • Variety of products made of gum and jelly in starch
  • With and without active ingredients
  • Extractable depositor sections
  • Modular set-up with later upgrades

Three automation levels in two plant widths

  • D: Manual mould handling, stamping, depositing, starch sprinkling
  • DC: Plant with additional integrated cooling cabinet
  • DCM: Fully automated small plant with automatic mould handling

Gum and jelly masses based on:

  • Agar-agar
  • Gelatine, gum arabic, starch
  • Pectin

Depending on the plant configuration, a variety of products can be manufactured

  • Solid products using Mono depositing technology
  • Filled products using One-Shot-technology
  • Centre-in-Shell
  • Starlight with filling

Mogul plant type 660

The mogul plant type 600 and the mogul plant type 660 in jumbo version for especially high output quantities are versatile OTC production plants for a very wide range of products. These can manufacturer all starch-deposited products consisting of, for example, jelly and gum based on pectin, gum arabic, gelatine, agar-agar, carrageen and liquorice, fondant, cream, foam (marshmallow) or similar. The production of crust confections is also possible.


  • Top-quality processing with stainless steel and rust-free materials
  • Variety of depositing processes thanks to straightforward extension
  • Simple accessibility and maintenance, screen section with WDS flat screen and extractable
  • Delivery of complete systems with starch conditioning, cooling channel and product post-treatment
  • Chainless tray transport, problem-free thanks to WDS GuidedPusher system
  • Depositor section extractable

Hygienic design

Paint-free mogul plant made of stainless steel and rust-free materials.

  • High hygienic standard thanks to stainless steel design
  • Further rust-free materials with optimum material matching for an extremely long plant service life.
  • Aluminium frame design with side walls made of stainless steel 10 mm thick


Simple accessibility and maintenance of the complete plant

  • Extractable screen section with tried-and-trusted WDS flat screen
  • Easy removal of the flat screens from the screen section
  • Dismantling of plant parts (e.g. stamp panel and scraper) without tools needed

Perfectly conditioned starch and maximum flexibility

  • 100% separation of the conditioned and used starch possible thanks to the double flat screen
  • Mixed starch operation with small starch conditioning
  • Plant operation without starch conditioning possible
  • Buffer under the tray filling section


The starch trays are transported by a central drive section.

  • Maximum precision thanks to the WDS advancing unit system GuidedPusherSystem
  • Trays do not slip on the conveyor
  • Chainless tray transport
  • Continuous tray transport from the feed unit to the stacker without any transitions

Extractable depositor section

Manufacturing of all starch-deposited products with a large selection of depositor systems for a wide range of depositing processes.

  • Variety of depositing processes thanks to straightforward extension
  • Single-stroke technology, Mono, One-Shot, Starlight with filling etc.
  • No mixing of colours
  • The depositor machine is extractable at the side for simple changing of program parts, maintenance and cleaning

WDS complete systems for the complete manufacturing of your sweets.

  • Product cleaning to remove any residual starch before oiling or sugaring of the products.
  • Oiling drum for the continual oiling and polishing of products.
  • Sugaring drum for the sugaring of products.
  • Cooling tunnel for the reduction of drying time.