Production in silicone moulds

In the production of confectionery, silicone moulds offer clear advantages: They ensure reliable moulding, make cleaning easier and ensure optimised product discharge. These three main features contribute to confectionery manufacturers producing high-quality products more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Qualified laboratory depositor

Product development, modification and manufacturing on laboratory scale.


  • Optimally suited for the product development of dietary supplements
  • Development and manufacturing of products with effective and active ingredients
  • Ensuring the highest hygiene standards
  • Specialisation in the production of products for clinical trials
  • Certified and compliant with GMP regulations
  • Applicable for processing all types of pourable and tearable masses
  • Flexible dosing into various mould types
  • Possibility of using different masses in one single depositing process
  • Manufacturing of filled products
  • Use of high-quality stainless steel depositor systems

Qualification & design

Safe and qualified target achievement.

  • Joint risk assessment (FMEA)
  • Risks are minimised thanks to smart design on the basis of individual needs
  • Preparation and coordination of the qualification documents

Product development

Innovative OTC sweets with active ingredients. Successful in the market for dietary supplements and over-the-counter medicines with trendy, tasty and actively effective OTC sweets.

  • Choice of recipes and ingredients
  • Product development/Proof of Concept
  • Specification of important process parameters for the large-scale plant


Produce successfully with the right plants.

  • sweetOTC: 360° solution partner
  • Everything from a single source: Conception, design, implementation and training!
  • Listening to you, serving tomorrow!


The sweetOTC technology lab – your partner for innovative product and process development.

  • Checking of masses for dosing and tear-off ability
  • Confirmation of precise dosing weights
  • Extensive conditioning and demoulding trials

ConfecECO & ConfecECOXL-Jelly

Production plant with modular design for the entry-level series production of OTC fruit gum products.


  • Effective production with compact design and reduced space requirement
  • GMP-compliant and qualified according to the regulations
  • Variety of OTC products made of gum and jelly
  • Depositor sections extractable
  • Modular set-up, later upgrades possible
  • Spot deposit and ribbon deposit

Three automation levels in two plant widths

  • D: Manuelle Formenzufuhr, Sprühen, Gießen und manuelle Formenentnahme
  • DC: Manuelle Formenzufuhr, Sprühen, Gießen, Kühlen und manuelle Formenentnahme
  • DCM: Komplette Linie bestehend aus Sprühen, Gießen, Kühlen sowie geordnetes Ausformen mit komplett automatischem Formenumlauf. Formenwechsler oder Plattenaufleger optional

Die ConfecECO ist vielseitig einsetzbar

  • Massen auf Basis von Pektin, Carrageen oder Spezialgelatine in Polycarbonat- oder Silikonformen
  • Toffee und Fondant in Silikonformen

Je nach Konfiguration der Anlage können vielseitige Produkte hergestellt werden

  • Massive-Produkte mit Monoguss-Technik
  • Gefüllte Produkte mit One-Shot-Technik

Starchless plant type 165

Die Gießanlage Typ 165 ist eine kompakte, modular aufgebaute Anlage für die Herstellung von Fondant-, Toffee-, Pektin- und Carrageenprodukten.


  • Servo-electric drives
  • Memory capacity for almost unlimited number of recipes
  • Frame construction made of solid aluminium profiles with stainless steel panelling
  • Loose-mould plant with tried-and-trusted mould carriers
  • Continuous product discharge
  • Hygienic plant concept, easy service and user-friendly
  • Mould exchange section including mould empty control

Depositor section

  • Mono, One-Shot or Triple-Shot version
  • Thermally insulated pump system possible
  • Depositing of the entire mould in one depositing stroke
  • Fixed or movable depositor head
  • Depositor head extractable manually to the side
  • Servo-electric drives

Mould exchange section

  • Comprising mould empty control, inserting and lifting magazine
  • Paternoster principle
  • Up to 50 cycles/minute
  • Servo-electric drives

Cooling cabinet

  • Layout of the cooling cabinet according to desired plant speed
  • Mould transport by continuous chain
  • Loose-mould principle
  • Mould carriers always keep moulds in horizontal position
  • Cooling section integrated in insulation cladding
  • Cooling by adjustable cold air flow


  • Demoulding of products by ejection roller onto discharge belt
  • Reverse mould turnover unit
  • Product discharge in longitudinal direction of plant
  • Adjustable product discharge height