Production in polycarbonate moulds

The starchless moulding technology focuses on cleanliness and the prevention of cross-contamination. By precisely spraying the cavities before depositing and achieving orderly demoulding, it ensures gentle product handling and provides a perfect foundation for subsequent product treatment.


  • Very tight product layout, thus increased plant capacity
  • Resistant to wearing substances
  • Simple plant handling thanks to its low weight
  • Simple and detailed implementation of complex product shapes
  • Prevention of contamination

Qualified laboratory depositor for depositing into polycarbonate moulds

Product development, modification and manufacturing on laboratory scale.


  • Optimally suited for the product development of dietary supplements
  • Use of products with active ingredients
  • High hygiene standard guaranteed
  • Manufacturing of products for clinical trials possible
  • Qualified and compliant according to GMP regulations
  • Can process all types of pourable and tearable masses
  • Dosing in different types of moulds
  • Processing of different masses in one depositing process
  • Production of filled products possible
  • Use of stainless steel depositor systems

Qualification & design

Safe and qualified target achievement.

  • Joint risk assessment (FMEA)
  • Risks are minimised thanks to smart design on the basis of individual needs
  • Preparation and coordination of the qualification documents

Product development

Innovative OTC sweets with active ingredients. Successful in the market for dietary supplements and over-the-counter medicines with trendy, tasty and actively effective OTC sweets.

  • Choice of recipes and ingredients
  • Product development/Proof of Concept
  • Specification of important process parameters for the large-scale plant


Produce successfully with the right plants.

  • sweetOTC: 360° solution partner
  • Everything from a single source: Conception, design, implementation and training!
  • Listening to you, serving tomorrow!


The sweetOTC technology lab – your partner for innovative product and process development.

  • Checking of masses for dosing and tear-off ability
  • Confirmation of precise dosing weights
  • Extensive conditioning and demoulding trials

ConfecEco-Jelly & ConfecECO-XL-Jelly

Production plant with modular design for the entry-level series production of OTC fruit gum products.


  • Compact design, effective production with reduced space requirement
  • Qualified and compliant according to GMP regulations
  • Variety of OTC products made of gum and jelly
  • Extractable depositor sections
  • Modular set-up with later upgrades
  • Spot and ribbon deposit

Three automation levels in two plant widths

  • D: Manual mould supply, spraying, depositing and manual mould removal
  • DC: Manual mould supply, spraying, depositing, cooling and manual mould removal
  • DCM: Full line featuring spraying, depositing, cooling and orderly demoulding in combination with fully automated mould circulation. Mould exchanger or plate placer optional

The ConfecECO is extremely versatile

  • Masses on the basis of pectin, carrageen or special gelatine in polycarbonate or silicone moulds
  • Toffee and fondant in silicone moulds

Depending on the plant configuration, a variety of products can be manufactured

  • Solid products with Mono depositing technology
  • Filled products with One-Shot technology


The plant is designed for moulding medium to high production capacities of filled and solid OTC fruit gum products.


  • GMP-compliant
  • Outstanding process monitoring, since almost unlimited
  • Simple cleaning thanks to optimum accessibility
  • Maximum depositing accuracy
  • Short set-up times when changing the mass since no tools are needed for the quick changeover of plant parts (EasyClean)
  • Short installation times
  • High level of working safety

Spray section

  • Precise wetting of the individual mould cavities to prevent unnecessary soiling of the mould
  • No overspraying
  • Efficient use of mould release agent
  • Extractable for maintenance and cleaning
  • Tempered mould release agent


  • Gentle, orderly demoulding onto a conveyor belt
  • Automatic, orderly product demoulding onto belt or blister
  • Gentle product handling
  • Clean demoulding
  • Specially conditioned compressed air with ultra-fine filters
  • Program parts easy to clean and change

Automatic mould set changer

  • Fully automatic mould set changer
  • Closed linear axes for moving and transferring the mould stacks
  • Storage of mould sets in mould trolleys possible

Product post-treatment

  • Sugaring, oiling or spraying of the products
  • Automated/PLC-guided cleaning concept