WDS plants for a varied OTC confectionery production

Success on the OTC growth market with the right production plants

The market for OTC sweets and supplements has grown strongly over the past few years and has great potential for the future, too. This is mainly due to the increasing demand for healthy products rich in nutrients. More and more people are mindful of their diet and are looking for possibilities of providing their body with the necessary nutrients. OTC sweets and supplements offer a convenient and tasty alternative to conventional food here.

Our production plants cover a wide range of application possibilities and capacity ranges. They are customised to our customers' requirements in order to guarantee optimum product quality coupled with maximum efficiency and profitability.

  • Complete development of individual OTC sweets
  • Tailor-made production processes 
  • Exact dosage of active ingredients
  • Hygienically perfect, GMP-compliant design

Classical production with mogul plants in mould starch

Production in moulds made of silicone or polycarbonate