Use existing market potentials effectively

with innovative OTC sweets and supplements.

Decide on success and growth potential. sweetOTC is your partner when it comes to achieving your goals quickly, efficiently and in the right way. You can rely on us from the first product idea to design, dosage, taste and colour to planning, manufacture and commissioning of individual production plants. We offer everything along the entire process from one source and are available with advice and support even after implementation with our diverse range of services.

OTC sweets

OTC sweets, internationally also known as OTC edibles, are popular and the latest trend; the market share is constantly increasing.
They offer unique opportunities for confectionery producers, pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical-related manufacturers and young start-up companies. Dietary supplements in new dosage forms such as fruit gums, vegan jellies or candies are enjoying great popularity and high acceptance.


Supplements and nutraceuticals

The market for supplements and nutraceuticals is growing worldwide and a strongly expanding industry. This applies e.g. also for products with hemp / cannabis active ingredients. The positive properties of hemp components are well known and used in different forms and dosages ...