Innovative OTC-sweets

with active ingredients.

Become successful in the market for nutritional supplements and over-the-counter medicines
with trendy, tasty and active OTC-sweets.

OTC Supplements

Machine technology

for all requirements

Tailor-made production plants for a wide range of different application and capacity ranges for your OTC products and supplements.


Qualified laboratory depositor 

for unlimited variety

Perfect for product and process development of a wide range of different OTC and supplement confectionery products.



Efficient technology for your entry to series production


Mogul plant type 660

More efficient. More productive. More precise

Unlimited variety in confectionery production.



Maximum production capacities for chocolate and jelly.


From lab to productional scale.

With new products successfully in emerging markets.

As a specialist for development and manufacture of confectionery machines, we are one of the leading suppliers of technologies and machinery for the production of active OTC-sweets and cannabis products (OTC= Over the counter).

The number of confectionery products becoming sweets with health-promoting or biologically effective properties by adding various ingredients has been increasing for years.

About us

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WDS OTC-plant types – impressive benefits!

The SweetOTC product technology lab

Your partner for innovative product and process development.

In order to create innovative OTC and cannabis products, our product technology lab specializes in the development of new and the optimization of existing depositing processes as well as the associated technology.